Tips To Help You Budget On Your Beach Vacation

If you have plans to take a vacation in an area that is well known for its beautiful beaches, you have quite a few things to consider. The costs of vacationing can run high, which is why many people set a budget and aim to stick within their budgets. This does not mean that you have to forego having a fun and exciting vacation. With some careful planning, you can have a dream beach vacation, and you may even return home with money leftover. Read More 

Places To Photograph On Your Yangon, Myanmar Honeymoon

Myanmar is a country nestled between India and Thailand. It's full of rich culture and Asian history. If you and your fiance are planning an upcoming honeymoon to Yangon, a visual treasure of a city, then you're both in for a real treat. As the largest city in Myanmar, Yangon has many areas that you'll likely want to capture and record through video or photography. From high-rise golden gilded pagodas to one-of-a-kind colorful street market crafts, photo opportunities are plentiful. Read More 

Tips to Help You as You Go to Disneyland

Lucky you! Whether you're headed to Disneyland with your family or with friends, you're about to be at one of the happiest places on the entire face of the earth. You'll marvel at what the human brain can imagine.  On top of that, those dreams can be transformed into something absolutely fantastic for people to enjoy. However, there's so much to see that it can also be a bit confusing and daunting. Read More 

Services Offered By An Airport Parking Reservations Company

If you're a frequent business traveler, one of the things you may want to consider is contracting with an airport parking reservations company. This can save you money on booking a taxi or shuttle each time you travel, which can add up after a few months. As this may be your first time using this type of company, here's a rundown of the services that they can offer you. 24/7 Parking Lots -- One of the benefits of parking your vehicle at a designated lot serviced by an airport parking reservations company is that  you can access your car all day and all night, as most of these companies service customers 24 hours a day. Read More 

What To Do When You’Re Stuck In A Hotel

Going on vacation can be fun. However, you may run into problems when the weather is not cooperating and you are basically stuck in your hotel room. How can you keep your family entertained without going stir-crazy? Quiet Games You are going to need some quiet activities and games. There are only so many times that you can sit on the beds watching television or movies. Ask the hotel desk if they have board games you can check out. Read More