5 Ways To Save Money On Your Next Hotel

Going on vacation is one of the best ways to get away, whether it be to enjoy alone time or to spend quality time with family or friends. However, vacations can be expensive, which is especially true when it comes to having to pay for a place to stay. Luckily, there are many ways to save on the cost of hotels, which should help ensure that you are able to take the vacation you have always wanted to. Read More 

Independent Ride Services Vs. Official Airport Transportation: Why The Pros Are The Way To Go

Especially when it comes to a ride to and from the airport, independent ride services have become incredibly popular in recent months. Riders allegedly save money compared to traditional ride services like taxis, and drivers can use their personal vehicles to make a little money on the side. What's not to love? It turns out, these independent services aren't always the best options. Here's a look at why you should trust a professional transportation service if you're requesting a ride to or from the airport. Read More 

Three Tipping Topics To Keep In Mind On Your Next Limo Ride

Using a limo to get from Point A to Point B gives you an opportunity to kick back and enjoy yourself, but it's important to never lose sight of the fact that while you're relaxing, the limo driver is working hard to ensure you reach your destination in style and in safety. It's a sign of politeness to reward his or her efforts on your behalf with a tip once you're dropped off at home or the last destination during the rental period. Read More 

Essential Services You May Want At A Boatyard

Before you moor your boat, you will need to investigate the types of mooring services that are provided. Certain services are very common, such as electricity. But you may also enjoy a mooring service that provides laundromat services or a place to buy fresh produce. Electricity Electricity is one of the most common services provided, allowing you to recharge any batteries. There is sometimes a fee depending on how much electricity you use and how quickly. Read More 

Situations That Might Benefit From A Charter Bus

Chartering a bus is a great way to transport a large number of people so they do not have to drive separately or worry about parking. Here are some unusual situations that might benefit from hiring charter bus services. 1. Work Outings The first situation that you want to consider is when you go on a work outing. You might decide to reward your employees for their hard work by taking them to a sporting event, concert, or some other large venue. Read More