3 Tips When Planning A Vacation To Bucharest

Are you planning a vacation to Romania and want to do a lot of sightseeing to make the most of your time? The most ideal city to travel to is Bucharest, as there are many tourist sites that you might find interesting. Take a look at the article below for some helpful tips you can use when planning a vacation in Bucharest.

1. Hire a City Tour Guide

Bucharest is the largest city in Romania and there are numerous tourist sites that you can visit on your vacation. Due to the size of the city, it will be in your best interest to hire a tour guide to take you to the sites that you want to see. By getting assistance from a tour guide, you will be able to accomplish more sightseeing each day because he or she will know all of the directions. You won't have to worry about getting lost and having to ask the local residents for directions, which can waste a lot of time.

2. Have a General Idea of What You Want to See

It is a good idea to browse tourist attractions online to discover some of the main sites that you want to see. You can then instruct your guide to customize your tour rather than taking you to places that might not have a lot of interest in. One of the places that you can plan to visit is the Romanian Palace of Parliament, as it is the largest administrative building in the world. The National Museum of Contemporary Art is also Inside of the building. Another interesting site to consider is the Arch of Triumph, which was built in honor of the Romanian soldiers that fought in World War I and allows tourist to take stairs to the top for a city view.

3. Bring More Than One Passport Book

Make sure that you have more than one passport book before traveling to Bucharest. You will want to keep one passport book on you so it can be used in case you need identification during your sightseeing tours. You can leave the extra passport book at the place you will be staying in case the other one gets lost. Keep in mind that a passport card will not be sufficient enough for getting back into the United States because it is only good when you are not traveling internationally via a plane. Contact a business that offers Bucharest City Tours for more information.