Questions That Can Help You To Make The Most Of Your Limo Rental

There's no better way to ride in style than in a rented limousine, whether you're celebrating an anniversary with your spouse or getting together with a handful of friends for a special night out. Even if you've rented limos in the past, it's always a good idea to ask a number of different questions when you call to confirm your booking. Doing so will provide you with a wealth of knowledge about the rental process and the vehicle itself to ensure you're getting exactly what you envision. Here are some valuable things to ask.

Does The Fridge Come Stocked?

One of the best features about most limos is that they carry a small refrigerator for people to use during the ride. While it's good to confirm that there is indeed a fridge in the vehicle you'll be getting, it's also important to ask whether it comes with drinks and snacks — and whether the consumption of these products is included in the rental agreement or whether there's a pricelist to which you should be privy. Different limo rental companies have different policies in this regard, so you should never assume the answer one way or another.

Are You Certain What Vehicle I'll Be Getting?

If you have very specific intentions about making your special evening perfect, you might have your eye on a certain type of limo. Some limo companies will allow you to pick certain vehicles within their fleet, while others (like car rental companies) will allow you to select a certain class of vehicle — but won't necessarily guarantee the physical vehicle itself. The latter scenario isn't a concern to most customers, but if you have your mind set on a specific vehicle, make sure you ask this question.

How Many People Can We Fit Into The Limo?

In certain situations, the size of your group might change at the last minute. While a group can shrink due to a cancellation, it can also increase due to last-minute invitations — which poses the risk of making things a little hectic for your limo rental. It might seem simple, but you should make sure that you know how many people can legally fit into the limo and consider the size of your group accordingly. Know that the limo rental company will not break the law if your group suddenly grows in size, so it can be advantageous to think about renting a larger vehicle if there's a chance you'll last people joining your group at the last minute.

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