What To Do When You’Re Stuck In A Hotel

Going on vacation can be fun. However, you may run into problems when the weather is not cooperating and you are basically stuck in your hotel room. How can you keep your family entertained without going stir-crazy?

Quiet Games

You are going to need some quiet activities and games. There are only so many times that you can sit on the beds watching television or movies.

  1. Ask the hotel desk if they have board games you can check out. Many hotels, such as Oak Tree Inn, offer classic games for their guests. Play in the dining area to get out of your room for a bit. You could even include other guests and meet new people while you are playing.
  2. Give each other makeovers! Let your kids play with your makeup and see who can be the most creative.
  3. Read a book together. Again, some hotels have libraries where you can borrow and check out books. Take turns reading and then vote on who can do the best voices.
  4. Write letters. Use the hotel stationary to write letters to friends and family back home. You could also write notes to the hotel staff. Let the chef know that you enjoyed the waffles for breakfast, tell the cleaning staff that you appreciate the extra towels they brought.
  5. Hide and Seek – this is not a game to play with people, but with a small item. Choose something small, like lipstick, and take turns hiding it in the hotel room. The person who is "it" waits in the bathroom or out in the hall while you take turns hiding it. You can also give hot and cold tips for younger children.

Use Your Energy

One of the biggest complaints of parents stuck in hotel rooms with kids is that they have too much energy! Here are the ways you can use that energy without getting in trouble.

  1. The hotel pool! Swim laps, play Marco Polo, play football, basketball or catch in the water. You could also create your own water aerobics class. Turn on some music nearby and take turns being the instructor!
  2. Count the stairs. If you really want to use a lot of energy, start at the bottom floor and have everyone count how many stairs there are until you reach the top. If going upstairs is harder for you, then start at the top and work your way down. Just make sure that the kids keep their voices down, the stairwells create loud echoes.
  3. Pillow Fight! Have a quick pillow fight in your hotel room.
  4. Dance Party! This can always work well in your hotel room, but it would be better if you got the help of the hotel staff. Ask if it is possible for your family to use an unused conference room for a dance party. If a lot of people are stuck inside the hotel they may even open it up for everyone.