An Exposition In Love: What Animal Rescue-Hosted Expos Can Offer You

If an animal rescue organization hosts an exposition in your town, you might wonder what it offers and why it is held. These expos have a lot to offer for people looking to adopt, for people who already have pets, and for animal lovers in general.

Why Is An Animal Rescue Expo Coming to My City?

Animal adoption expositions result in a large number of pet adoptions, and rescue organizations are catching on to these successes. At one New York City adoption expo, for example, one in four available rescues found permanent homes! Considering that about 9,000 healthy dogs and cats are euthanized every day because they are homeless and shelters are over-populated, that success is huge. Animal rescue organizations realize that these expos not only bring exposure to the rescue organization, but also give animals that would otherwise not find a "forever home" the chance to be adopted.

So, I Can Adopt an Animal At One of These Expos?

Yes! These expos are great opportunities to adopt a dog or cat because there are so many animals available in one place for you to interact with. You can find the exact pet that will fit into your lifestyle, often at a significant discount. If you adopt, your pet will be neutered or spayed, vaccinated, and potentially even micro-chipped. You also have the satisfaction of saving a life.

Can I Participate in The Expo?

Naturally, rescue organizations involved in the expo will welcome whatever kind of volunteerism you can provide. You can also participate with your own pet in special events that the expo schedules, like agility competitions, races, and even dance competitions.

These events give you a chance to compete with your pet without the pressures of participating in an American Kennel Club-sanctioned event, and you get to meet other dog owners interested in the same things as you. Your entry fee is also giving the rescue organization much-needed funding.

What If I Do Not Want to Adopt?

If an animal rescue exposition is coming to your city, you need not be interested in adopting to attend. Responsible animal ownership means that you know when you are able to care for a pet, and when your life situation will make ownership challenging. Regardless of whether you are unable to own a pet because of job, housing, or family circumstances, you are still welcome at an expo sponsored by an animal rescue organization.

If you have to pay an entry fee to enter the exposition, your money is going towards the sponsoring animal shelter and its expenses.You can also interact with the animals, so your presence provides much-needed attention to these dogs and cats. If you buy any merchandise, chances are that a portion of your sales price goes to the rescue organization. Thus, even if you cannot adopt an animal, your attendance still benefits the rescued animals.