How To Pay Less For Airport Parking

Whether you're going out of town for a few days' vacation or you're planning to be away for a long business trip, you know that leaving your vehicle at the airport can be extremely expensive. Many travelers have to leave their car at the airport for a variety of reasons, whether it be because they have nowhere else safe to leave it or they cannot park it somewhere close enough to get to the airport in time. Here are some helpful tips for your next trip that may just save you some extra cash.

Parking Money Saving Tips

  • Park offsite: Many major airports offer separate lots where there is "offsite parking." These should also offer a free shuttle service that can get you from the lot to the airport, and back again when you return. Offsite parking lots are usually much less costly than parking directly onsite.
  • Use the net to your advantage: There are now plenty of apps and websites designed to help frequent travelers find the best parking rates. These websites can help you decide which lots are the cheapest, as well as which times to park will be the most cost effective.
  • Look for coupons: Believe it or not, a lot of major airports offer online coupons that give you a great discount on parking. They do this to entice visitors to park there and since you're most likely planning to do so anyway, you might as well take advantage of these savings. Some can knock off as much as $30 or more for a week's worth of parking.
  • Travel smaller: Some smaller airports still offer free, unlimited parking. Do your homework and determine whether or not these airports could be viable for your travel schedule. Often, the small airports do this to entice people to fly through them, so it might be a great advantage for you to try them.
  • Check with the airlines: A few major airlines also offer vouchers for their frequent flyers or for those who book certain flights. Check around and see if your preferred airline has any special airport parking deals.
  • Ask your travel agent: If you're booking through an agent, they may have access to special parking passes or other deals you can take advantage of. You never know unless you ask!
  • Sign up for Frequent Parker Programs: A few airports have programs that offer discounted parking for those who park there often. If you use a particular airport a lot, find out if you qualify.