The Steps For Retirees And Seniors To An Enjoyable College Football RV Road Trip

Senior citizens and retirees are becoming fixtures at college football games, both in the stands and in the parking lots across the nation. Many travel to the games in recreational vehicles (RVs)

During the games, senior citizens cheer along with the younger student body. Before the games, they cook up a storm on the grill at tailgate parties.

Here are the steps needed for an enjoyable trip to a college football game in America.

Plan the Itinerary

The decision of which games to watch is the first thing to consider.

Some retirees follow their alma mater's team, when possible. Others stick to a particular conference. This last option is quite popular in the Southeast, known for its intense rivalries.

Another possibility is to go on the road with a favorite team. Most stadiums have extra tickets set aside for the visiting team to resell.


It is a necessity to have the right clothing for a Saturday of football in autumn. The air can get a bit nippy, especially later in the season.

For those attending games in the North, home of some traditional powerhouse teams, a big jacket and a sweater come recommended. In the South, where playing or watching football is what everyone does on weekends, a wool sweater and jeans should be enough to remain comfortable during the game. West Coast fans usually come dressed casually and light in the South, while a light jacket is best in the Pacific Northwest region.

Get the RV Serviced

A recreational vehicle is the seeming choice of retirees, and others, at tailgating events. One only need look at the parking lots and campus lawns of any major university on a fall Saturday to verify this conclusion. Seniors sitting in front of their RVs are a ubiquitous sight.

It makes sense for seniors to use RVs because of the convenience. Driving an RV is similar to being away from home but with all the amenities that one needs. Retired people are at the stage of their lives when they want to take it easy. A nice, comfortable RV trip to a sporting event is part of their deserved good life.

Traveling through the often-lonely roads leading to college towns requires getting the RV serviced before departure. Regardless of the apparent condition of the RV, having a skilled mechanic (such as those from Cherokee Farms RV Center LLC) look it over is best. If nothing is wrong, then the customer only pays for a checkup. It is better to be sure of making it to the planned destination than to face a mechanical problem along the road in the middle of the night.

Pick the Food to Serve

After finalizing the trip plans, packing the luggage and receiving the "all-is-well," from the RV service attendant, it is time to decide what to put on the grill. This decision depends on which part of the country the RV tailgate party takes place.

The South is all about barbecue. People in Georgia and Alabama eat ribs, while North Carolinians eat chopped pork, served with a vinegar sauce and coleslaw. On the West Coast, people eat fish tacos with avocado dip. The Northeast is known for its Philly cheese steaks.

Be sure to stock enough meat to feed the other retired friends sure to be hungry after also driving to watch the big game.

Get Started RVing

Life can be fun. The retirement years are the first chance many get to truly unwind and see the country. Jumping in an RV and tailgating at college football games is one way to experience American culture in all its diversity.