Tips To Finding The Right Hotel Near The Anaheim Convention Center

Planning a trip to Anaheim, California for the whole family to enjoy is a fun time. There is so much to do within the city limits as well as in nearby Los Angeles that it might make it difficult to pick just the right hotel suite for your family. Do you want to be right downtown in the center of everything? Do you want to be close to Disneyland so it's a short walk to get there? 

Once you have a good idea of the location you wish to stay in Anaheim, for example looking for suites near Anaheim Convention Center, you can narrow it down to the right hotel for you. Here are some tips to help you find the right hotel for your stay.

Better Value For Your Stay

If you are traveling to Anaheim to head to Disneyland, you might have considered staying on Disney-owned property. While they are great for families with young kids and those who can't walk too far, they may not present the best value for your overall vacation. Instead, looking for suites near Anaheim Convention Center and booking one of those might bring you more value for your money.

Most of the hotels near the convention center are within walking distance of Disneyland, usually for a great price. They are also located very close to other attractions too. It's possible to not only visit Disneyland, but you can also take in a Mighty Ducks game, or for baseball fans, see the Angels of Anaheim play.

The hotels near the Anaheim Convention Center are often more valuable for your overall vacation than a Disneyland hotel. For example, you are most likely able to get discount tickets to not only Disneyland but other popular attractions too.

They Are Accessible By Airport Shuttle Or Other Transportation

A definite perk of staying in one of the suites near Anaheim Convention Center is, they are easily accessible by using either an airport shuttle bus or other nearby transportation from the airport such as public transit and taxi services. 

Since they are located in a central part of the city, you can often walk to most of the attractions and restaurants close to the convention center so you won't necessarily need to rent a car while there. The city is geared toward being easy for those visiting to get around, with many of the hotels also having their own shuttle buses to some of the city's most famous attractions. 

Reach out to a hotel for more info, such as a convention center hotel in Anaheim.