Three Food Tour Options To Consider

For anyone who loves sampling different types of cuisine, a food tour can be a bucket list item. It can be fun to book a food tour with your significant other, with another couple, or with a group, and then look forward to the tour's date arriving. Food tour companies generally have all sorts of options available, so it's worthwhile to browse the company's website before you decide how to proceed. While different tours can focus on different types of food, you'll also find that the tour structure itself can vary. Here are three popular options.

Regular Tour

When you book a regular food tour, you'll meet up with your tour guide and several other tour participants. Commonly, you'll see on the tour company's website how many people will take part in the tour. For example, the tour may accommodate 20 individuals. These tours can be fun for people who are overly social. The hours that you spend with new people will give you a chance to converse with them and discuss your shared love of food. You may find that you become friends with a few others on this trip and make plans to get together again.

Small Private Tour

Another option is to book a private tour for just you and your significant other. While there's nothing wrong with joining a larger food tour with people you don't know, you may like the personal touch of a private tour. You'll be paired with a tour guide and spend time visiting several food-based establishments with them. The primary advantage of this type of tour is that you'll have the guide's full attention. You can ask as many questions as you want because you won't worry about other people not getting a chance to ask their own questions.

Private Group Tour

Food tour companies often give you the ability to book a private tour for a large group. If you have a group of people who are all interested in taking a food tour, it can be fun to book a group tour and not have to share the tour with people you don't know. Some people book these tours as a team-building activity for a small workforce. In another scenario, you might be planning a bachelorette party for a friend and book a private group tour as part of the day's activities. Contact a food tour company to learn about what tours it offers.