Planning To Fish? Rent A Kayak With These Features

While many people simply enjoy paddling around a lake or river with their rented kayak, it's often possible to rent this type of boat for other purposes. For those who love to fish, kayak fishing can be a fun activity to try. Contact a few rental services in your community to find one that specifically rents fishing kayaks. While you could technically fish from any type of kayak, being able to use a boat that is specifically designed for this purpose can make your life easier. If you have a few options, try to rent a kayak that has these features.

Raised Seat

In most kayaks, you'll sit in a molded seat that is built into the boat. This seating situation is suitable for paddling around, but there's a better option when you want to fish from your kayak. Many fishing kayaks have raised seats. These seats can differ in design, but all have the common trait of allowing you to sit in a raised position above the deck of the boat. Sitting more upright will make it easier for you to cast with your fishing rod, and this position can also make it easier to look straight down into the water around you.

Cargo Space

If you're the type of angler who enjoys carrying a lot of lures and other supplies when you go fishing, you'll want to rent a fishing kayak that offers a lot of cargo space. Some boats have more space than others, so don't be afraid to inquire about this topic when you contact a couple of rental services to ask if they have fishing kayaks. A kayak that has multiple cargo hatches that are easily within reach of the seat will allow you to take a large supply of lures and other gear with you.

Camouflage Design

You may also wish to see if you're able to rent a kayak that has a water camouflage design. A lot of fishing kayaks have this appearance, which may be preferable to a conventional kayak that often has one or more bright colors. A lot of anglers feel that having a camouflage design on their fishing kayak helps them to blend into their environment more easily, thus resulting in a lower risk of startling any fish in the area. Contact a kayak rentals service in your area to learn more about the boats that it has available, including fishing kayaks.