3 Authentic Russian Dining Options You Must Try

Russian food is often known for being hearty and filling. It has to be in order for the people who eat it to weather those cold winter nights. What you might not know is that Russian food is also interesting and delicious. Read on and discover just a few Russian delights—both foods and drinks—that you absolutely must try. If you have to, hire the services of a Russian translation company and fly out to the country itself so you can taste these pieces of culinary art!


It's no mystery that the Russian national alcohol is vodka. Vodka is sometimes referred to as a "burning wine," due to the fact that this drink, while tasty, tends to burn a bit as it goes down. Vodka is often constructed from grains and potatoes, but contemporary brands tend to flavor vodka. Flavored vodka comes in a litany of different varieties, from the sweet, like blueberry vodka, to the spicy and singular, like horseradish-flavored vodka.


Pelmeni are soft, doughy dumplings that are filled to the very brim with meat. There are generally two ways in which pelmeni can be served. The first is rubbed down with a melted butter and then topped off with a bit of sour cream, while the latter is served in a broth, effectively making this a dumpling soup. The broth can be constructed from a number of different items. Some of the broths, like chicken broth, are mundane, while others, such as a boar broth with sour cream mixed in, might sound quite exotic to an American.


The people of Russia, a country that has endured extreme hardship, poverty, and political instability, still love their caviar. Caviar is one of the few pre-Communist Russian traditions of opulence that has survived the years of turbulence. Caviar is, simply put, fish eggs. They are often salted and are many times seasoned with a variety of seasonings according to the diner's taste. Perhaps the two most popular types of caviar that you will find in Russia are salmon caviar and the notoriously costly and delicious sturgeon roe caviar.

Take the time to find a Russian restaurant today and begin your entrance into a new world of culinary delight. Although many Russian foods and drinks are an acquired taste to the average American palate, there is no doubt that you will come to enjoy at least a few of the wonderful dining options that await you.