Explore Exuma By Yacht

Lots of people just want a vacation where they lay out on the beach. However, if you're someone who is looking for a more exciting vacation, then check out Exuma. Exuma is an area in the Bahamas that consists of several hundred small islands. If you're an avid sailor, then it is the perfect spot to go on your vacation.

Spend Your Vacation On A Yacht

Unlike some of the larger islands in the Bahamas, such as Nassau, you won't spend your entire vacation landlocked in one locale. Instead, you will travel around the different islands by yacht. You will spend your nights sleeping on the boat, as opposed to sleeping in a hotel room on land. During the day, you will cruise around the islands and have fun taking advantage of all of the activities Exuma has to offer.

Some activities, such as scuba diving and snorkeling, you can do right off of your yacht. Others, such as golfing and laying out on the beautiful pink beaches, will require you to go ashore. Luckily, the many islands in Exuma cater to yachters. There are many slips where you can park your yacht.

Some Of The Fun Activities To Enjoy In Exuma

Cave Diving At Thunderball Grotto

This is a world famous snorkeling and diving spot. It was featured in several movies, most notably two different James Bond movies. The spot is located off of Staniel Cay. This is a small island in the Exuma chain. You can navigate your yacht right off the grotto and then swim to it.

There are several entry points into the grotto via underwater openings. Once inside, you will see a huge, vaulted ceiling with a beautiful skylight opening. It's best to check the tide schedule. If you are planning on snorkeling, you should only go during low tide. The water level during high tide can make it tricky to enter and exit the grotto with only snorkeling gear. Scuba divers can go during high tide.

Swim With The Pigs At Big Major Cay

Lots of people have heard about swimming with dolphins, but not as many people have heard about the wild pigs of Exuma. They live on the island of Big Major Cay. They are wild, but they are accustomed to tourists and are not afraid of people. In fact, they come right out of the woods and stroll across the beach and swim out into the water with people.

Explore The Exuma Land And Sea Park

The Exuma Land and Sea Park is a gigantic, federally protected area. Fishing is not allowed in the park. However, tourists are allowed in to explore the area. The park has amazing hiking trails and snorkeling spots where you can see enormous stromatolite formations. The park provides maps for snorkeling locations as well as the best hiking trails.

For more information about touring in the Bahamas by yacht, contact a company like Charter Bonaparte.