5 Ways To Save Money On Your Next Hotel

Going on vacation is one of the best ways to get away, whether it be to enjoy alone time or to spend quality time with family or friends. However, vacations can be expensive, which is especially true when it comes to having to pay for a place to stay. Luckily, there are many ways to save on the cost of hotels, which should help ensure that you are able to take the vacation you have always wanted to. Here are five ways to find nice hotels in a good price range:

  1. Stay at the Same Hotel: Staying at the same hotel that you have previously stayed at is actually a great way to save money because many hotel chains want your repeat business and will provide incentives for you to continue to stay with them. This includes discounts on your hotel rate and sometimes even an upgraded room for the same price. 
  2. Join the Reward Program: On top of staying in the same hotel, you should also join their reward program if they have one to offer. Doing this will allow you to rack up points every time you stay at the hotel and even when you shop in the shops that are associated with the hotel. Once you have enough points accumulated, you can enjoy a free, or at least heavily discounted, stay. 
  3. Determine What Is Included With Your Stay: When you are comparing hotels, if you currently do not have a hotel that you regularly stay at, you should consider what they offer with your stay. For instance, if they provide a complimentary breakfast, this can save you money on at least one meal during your stay. Some hotels also provide free entertainment, such as a swimming pool or game room, which allows you to provide the kids with some entertainment that doesn't cost you anything. 
  4. Accept a Hotel Credit Card Offer: Another great way to rack up points for hotel stays is to consider applying for the hotel credit card if they provide one. Every time you use the credit card, you receive points that rack up towards a free hotel stay. (Though you should make sure to pay off the credit card as often as possible to avoid incurring debt!)
  5. ​Bundle Your Stay: One last way to save money on a hotel stay is to bundle it together in a travel package offered by a travel site or a travel agent. You can bundle your stay with the airline tickets, rental car, and more to save on the cost of all these travel necessities. 

When you know these five ways to save money on your next hotel, you can be sure that you are able to take the vacation that you want to for less than you originally thought it would be.