Independent Ride Services Vs. Official Airport Transportation: Why The Pros Are The Way To Go

Especially when it comes to a ride to and from the airport, independent ride services have become incredibly popular in recent months. Riders allegedly save money compared to traditional ride services like taxis, and drivers can use their personal vehicles to make a little money on the side. What's not to love? It turns out, these independent services aren't always the best options. Here's a look at why you should trust a professional transportation service if you're requesting a ride to or from the airport.

Heavy Traffic Brings Heavy Prices

Independent ride services have often come under fire for what's known as "surge pricing" - where fares will be doubled, tripled, or even more during peak times. During the busiest holidays, it's not uncommon for rides to be priced nearly 10 times the usual rate. Independent companies contend that customers know ahead of time (and agree to) these price hikes, but customers often claim they weren't aware of the increase, and only became aware after being hit with an exorbitant bill. But even if the rider does know the price beforehand, it's usually only revealed when the ride is ready to request. And when it's time to head to the airport is no time to learn that prices are off the charts. With a professional transportation service, your price is clearly agreed upon in advance.

Driver Professionalism

One of the most common complaints against independent driver services is the lack of professionalism of the driver. When you request a ride from an official airport transportation service, you'll be under the care of a driver who likely has years of experience, and oftentimes training. Professional drivers are taught not only the best way to actually drive, but also how best to make sure customers are cared for. Independent ride services will do background checks on their drivers, but those drivers usually have no formal training (in either defensive driving or in customer care).

Personal Touches

One of the biggest advantages of a professional transportation company is the little personal touches. Many professional companies actively watch flights at an airport, so they can be ready to pick up the customer as soon as they hit the ground. There's no waiting period after making a request. Also, the iconic image of a driver standing with your name on a placard? Don't expect that from the fancy app-based company.

If you're in need of airport transportation, make a point to trust the professionals like those at Lincoln Yellow Cab. Travel is already stressful enough. Don't make it worse by worrying about your ride!