Three Tipping Topics To Keep In Mind On Your Next Limo Ride

Using a limo to get from Point A to Point B gives you an opportunity to kick back and enjoy yourself, but it's important to never lose sight of the fact that while you're relaxing, the limo driver is working hard to ensure you reach your destination in style and in safety. It's a sign of politeness to reward his or her efforts on your behalf with a tip once you're dropped off at home or the last destination during the rental period. New to limo transportation? Here are three important things to keep in mind about tipping.

The Limo Renter Is Responsible For The Tip

If you've booked the limo and are traveling with a number of guests, keep in mind that you're technically the one who's responsible for tipping the driver. Depending on your relationship with your fellow travelers, you might ask everyone to chip in and contribute to the tip, or you may prefer handling it entirely on your own. If someone else took care of booking the limo, it's polite to ensure that you have some cash readily available to contribute to the tip, especially if you're essentially riding for free.

Remember The Suggested Tipping Range

The suggested range for tipping your limo driver is 10 to 15 percent of the bill. This difference of five percent allows you to decide exactly how much you wish to tip based on such factors as the driver's attention to detail, ability to keep your requested schedule and the interactions between the driver and your group. A limo driver can often earn a tip of 15 percent or more through a high degree of professionalism as well as a helpful demeanor; perhaps he or she stops the vehicle at a certain location and takes a photo of your group at your request.

Don't Interfere With The Driver's Duties

A limo driver's job description includes more than just navigating this stylish ride around town. He or she also handles things such as opening and closing the passenger doors and loading any bags you might be carrying into the limo's trunk. You might be well-intentioned and wish to lend a hand with these duties, but it's poor etiquette to do so. Furthermore, taking over in these areas can send a message that because you're opening your own door, for example, you won't be tipping generously. Always leave the work up to the driver and focus on enjoying your ride – just remember to tip at the end of the night.

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