Essential Services You May Want At A Boatyard

Before you moor your boat, you will need to investigate the types of mooring services that are provided. Certain services are very common, such as electricity. But you may also enjoy a mooring service that provides laundromat services or a place to buy fresh produce.


Electricity is one of the most common services provided, allowing you to recharge any batteries. There is sometimes a fee depending on how much electricity you use and how quickly. You may also be able to purchase non-metered electricity where you can use as much as you need for a yearly or monthly fee.


Fuel docks provide various forms of fuel, including:

  • Diesel

  • Gasoline

  • Stove oil

Waste Pump-Out

There is usually a waste pump-out station. With the right attachment, you can pump your human waste to the pumping station where it can then be treated. The waste is placed in a septic system or is transported to a nearby waste treatment plant.

Trailer Storage

If you have a boat trailer, inquire about whether the mooring services provide trailer parking and what the fee is. Then you will be able to more conveniently transport your boat to and from different moors.

Dock Carts

Dock carts are sometimes provided so that it is easier to transport your belongings to and from the moorage. Make sure to return the dock carts as soon as possible. If you cause a mess in the cart, make sure to clean it up before returning it.

Personal Services

Some mooring services provide personal care services such as showers, laundry, groceries and a farmer's market where you can purchase fresh produce. Since farmer's markets are usually on designated days, research which days the services will hold a farmer's market ahead of time. Other mooring services are close to a downtown area where you can receive all of these services. There may also be a shuttle service for more convenience.

Boat Coverage

Permanent covered moorage provides the best protection for your boat and is ideal if you only intend to use your boat in one location. The covered moor protects your boat from extreme weather conditions. Simply return to your boat, inspect it and then take your boat out to sea.


Storage facilities are often available. This allows you to store supplies and return for them before heading on your next trip. Depending on the size of your cargo, you may need a lift that can move hundreds of pounds.

Not every mooring service will have all of these amenities, but if you understand your needs and conduct research beforehand, you won't be without essential services. Contact a service like South Park Marina to learn more.