Services Offered By An Airport Parking Reservations Company

If you're a frequent business traveler, one of the things you may want to consider is contracting with an airport parking reservations company. This can save you money on booking a taxi or shuttle each time you travel, which can add up after a few months. As this may be your first time using this type of company, here's a rundown of the services that they can offer you.

24/7 Parking Lots -- One of the benefits of parking your vehicle at a designated lot serviced by an airport parking reservations company is that  you can access your car all day and all night, as most of these companies service customers 24 hours a day. This is very convenient in the event that your flight is delayed, or you miss a flight, and are coming in at a much later time than what you listed when you made your reservation.

Airport Shuttle Bus -- An airport parking reservation's company can provide you with a shuttle bus that will take you from the parking area where your car is located, directly to the airport terminal of your departing flight. The shuttle will also pick you up when you return, and take you back to the lot where your car is parked. And because most shuttle buses affiliated with airport parking reservations companies run 24/7, you can still be sure that the shuttle will get you back to your car even if you have a flight that lands after midnight.

Secured Parking Areas -- The lots that are owned by airport parking reservations companies will almost always have fences, security cameras, security guards and bright, fluorescent light when it gets dark. In addition, many of these lots also offer covered parking, which is beneficial if you live in an area where inclement weather is common. Covered parking protects your vehicle from wear and tear, and adds an additional layer of security from would-be car thieves.

Valet Parking and Detailing -- Many airport parking reservation companies also offer you the option of valet parking and auto detailing for an additional charge. Valet parking is almost always going to be under covered parking, and it allows you to relax when you drop off your car and when you pick it up. And if you own a luxury vehicle, or if you just want your vehicle to look good after you've been gone for a week on business, you can have your car detailed, which isn't just a wash, but also includes waxing, tire polishing and interior cleaning that leaves your car looking brand new.